Survivors of Sexual Assault Book Deadline: 30th September

Hi all,

Just an update about the sexual/indecent assault book.

We are now opening it up to both men and women, boys and girls. Any age, any country. If you have any experience with sexual or indecent assault, please tell your story.

Let’s not keep it quiet or taboo. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You are not alone. Let’s show others they are not alone by sharing our voice.

Let not one person feel like they have to hide themselves.

Share a story, poem, lyrics, artwork, letter, list, blog post or anything to do with your experience. You can also answer interview questions if you find that easier.

To submit, send your entry as an attachment to, along with your name (or you can be anonymous or use a pen name), age, and country.

Copyright remains with the authors.

All contributors will receive a complimentary pdf copy of the book, and and eBook (and hopefully a print book) will be available for sale.

For more info on, check out this post: Book about sexual assault survivors. Check out other recent posts for more info as well.

Feel free share the word and reblog to help us get as many contributors as possible.

We hope this book provides a helpful resource for victims of sexual abuse.

Feel free to email with any questions or suggestions.

All voices welcome!


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