Sometimes it feels like the most impossible thing in the world is to be myself.

I want to write. But I don’t want to write, because what I write sounds fake and not what I really want to say, not what I really mean. And if words can’t say what I really mean, what’s the point of writing them?

I want to find true words. Not to impress anyone, not to put on a show. Just to tell the truth. It doesn’t have to be pretty and people don’t have to like it, it just has to be real. I don’t want to hide what I really sound like and what’s in my heart to keep a clean picture of myself in front of people’s eyes.

I don’t want to be compelling; I just want to be me. To be me at least in one way, at least in one place.

Writing and drawing let me be me. There is no pressure to be a certain way. My words and pictures don’t judge me. They just share what is, the way I experience things. It helps.

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  1. Love this. I hate how honesty is so lacking in this world nowadays, it’s seems like fake and lies is the new norm. I love how lately I’m finding a few people who admire, treasure and give importance to honesty. Looking forward to reading more.


    1. I completely agree with you Mani. Sometimes I feel like people judge me because I never lie. But maybe thay is just due to their insecurities. I see it as such a waste of time. There is no benefit to not being honest..


  2. Hello dear! I am glad you’ve stumbled upon my blog because if not, I wouldn’t have come across yours! I love your blog! So simple, yet so great! I am looking forward to exploring it more! 🙂


  3. I have spent the last few minutes going over things that you have posted, and I love the authenticity behind your work. You are very talented, and your spirit shows in everything. I cant wait to see what else you post! Thank you so much for following my site, and leading me to yours!



  4. Juni, you have described precisely what it means to struggle with expression. We long to tell our stories. It’s as if they are banging against the inside of our forehead trying to break free. Even after we somehow forge a working relationship with this impetus, this Muse of a sort, we then encounter our internal editor. Our personal critic. We come up against every conceivable excuse as to why our writing sucks, or why no one will care what we have to say. Forced writing will sound like “fake” writing. The trick is to keep writing no matter what. Write when you don’t want to write. Read a lot, too. Somehow, before you know it, you will discover your “voice.” The point is to keep moving forward. Believe me, I see your gift come through in your posts. Don’t lose it now. I long to read more of your work. I invite you, also, to read my work as well. I welcome any feedback you may have. Now, write!


    1. Thanks so much for this encouragement. I’m moving forward and love how writing and blogging helps with finding yourself and finding your voice. Definitely don’t want to be fake or to force the writing. And definitely know I’ll always be writing. It’s my favourite thing to do!

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  5. Wow, adorable! Yes, finding yourself and being you is harder than it seems to be, but that’s the best..looking forward to read more of your posts.Welcome to my site too, I’m a newbie to blogging!


    1. Thank you! It’s a definitely a journey for me. Some people seem to find being themselves is the most natural thing in the world. I’m trying to learn from them. Thanks heaps for connecting. Loving your thoughts on your blog!

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  6. I can totally relate to your thoughts on writing and putting it all out there. Eventually the words you put on paper won’t sound so ‘fake’ and you will realize they are your truth. It’s your journey and you should be proud that you have the courage to share it!


    1. Thanks so much! Love that perspective and can see it happening already. I guess I just want to make sure my motivation for writing isn’t to sound impressive because that will always sound fake.


  7. I think blogging is a fantastic way to be yourself and be honest, which I think is why so many people start blogging in the first place! Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog, and also tell you that I think your donating every month idea is so wonderful and inspirational.


    1. I so agree! It’s such a great tool. I love it! I love seeing people’s personalities, perspectives and experiences shine through in their blogs. It’s amazing how writing can make such an impact and inspire. Thanks so much for this encouraging comment.

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  8. Juni, thank you so much for the follow and comments! I’m glad it brought me to your blog. I am excited to read through your posts. Skimming through them I love how real and open they are. I love your honesty. That is my #1 value. I look forward to talking with you more! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I love how writing and blogging is such a great tool for letting me be real and open. Interesting about your number 1 value. I wonder what my number 1 value is. I think it’s always been loyalty, actually. Look forward to chatting more too!


  9. Hi Juni. Just wanted to say thank you for showing an interest in my blog. I can see, you do wonderful work on yours. I look forward to seeing more. Best wishes.


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