Wild Bucket List

The purpose of this list is to help break the unhealthy thought and behaviour patterns in my life of people pleasing, perfection, and performance.

They are behaviour experiments where I’ll track my thoughts and actions, accept them, and see if I can be more myself, more real, and more courageous.

A lot of the things on the list are things I’ve always wanted to do but have been too scared to do for fear of not fitting in with society’s expectations and being judged.

It’s about trying new things, stepping out of the comfort zone, and learning from the journey.

Some of it will be nerve-wracking but I think a lot of it will be freeing. And maybe one day I will feel comfortable wearing tiaras and tutus every day simply because they give me joy and I won’t care what people think.

Here’s my list so far:

  1. Wear a tiara (1/2/16)
  2. Wear a tutu
  3. Wear hair accessories
  4. Wear a braid I did myself
  5. Get a fringe
  6. Wear a dress
  7. Get acrylic nails
  8. Get nails done as if they were acrylic
  9. Get make-up done
  10. Go to the movies alone
  11. Swim at Queens Beach
  12. Swim at Murray Bay
  13. Do the Horseshoe Bay to Rose Bay walk
  14. Go for a walk around my home
  15. Dance at the beach
  16. Sing at the beach
  17. Worship at the beach
  18. Sing out loud
  19. Photograph a sunrise
  20. Pray for a friend
  21. Pray for a stranger
  22. Talk to a stranger
  23. Make a new friend
  24. Get a pen pal
  25. Write to someone in jail
  26. Connect with someone online through email or phone
  27. Ring someone
  28. Say I love you
  29. Confess something
  30. Post something scary on my blog/social media
  31. Go deep and vulnerable with someone
  32. Give money to the cashier and pay the person behind me
  33. Give someone a box of chocolates
  34. Give someone a picture quote
  35. Give flowers to someone
  36. Give to local businesses
  37. Volunteer
  38. Go to Zumba (2/2/16)
  39. Go to pilates (16/2/16)
  40. Go to market
  41. Crowdfund for a creative project
  42. Crowdfund for a charity
  43. Draw a self-portrait
  44. Guest post for a blog (2/2/16)
  45. Have someone guest post on my blog (8/2/16)
  46. Guest post for a website
  47. Submit to a journal/magainze
  48. Cook a new meal
  49. Go to Airlie Beach by myself
  50. Take a bus somewhere
  51. Ring the mayor and try to get a recycling service
  52. Submit to the Bowen Independent photo competition
  53. Run a birthday party
  54. Have a jewellery party
  55. Be in a performance – E.g. choir, production, dance
  56. Go fruit picking – tomatoes
  57. Get a mentor
  58. Go to the doctor (19/1/16)
  59. Write a letter to myself

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